The Magician Wine Label


My initial thoughts for this project was to stray as far away from the expected, which to me was card tricks, black and white and bunnies in hats. But as I went through my sketching stages I started to wonder if I could pull off the expected magician stereotypes in a new and refreshing way. Parallel to that though, I was also thinking about how I could involve the buyer and have them do a trick with the product. So, I landed on the idea of an interactive packaging design that took the expected content of a magician and simplified it in the design.

The wine case's purpose is not only to hold the wine bottle, but enclose it to add a sense of mystery to what is inside. 

After opening the package the wine bottle is revealed. The Magician logo was very carefully thought out and refined. The logo itself is a play of figure-ground, which in itself is an illusion. Before opening the bottle the buyer sees their first magic trick.

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