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King of the Lou


King of the Lou is an annual, week-long skateboarding scavenger hunt sponsored by Infinity Skate Shop in St. Louis, MO. The teams are directed by a book that contains challenges and their goal is to complete as many challenges and tricks within a week.

As the creator and manager of the event, each year I organize King of the Lou for over 150 participants and design the books used for the event. Every year the branding of the event is developed differently from the last and follows a theme for that particular year. The most recent event, King of the Lou 7, followed the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins and was designed as a contemporary spin off of incunabula books.

With the support of Infinity Skate Shop, major companies like Adidas, Nike SB, Vans and many more have sponsored the event since it first began in 2011.


View the entire book here:


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